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JCSURGE is a New York City based Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency specializing in customer acquisition. From local SEO campaigns, to website design, to Social Media Management, to Marketing Tactics, JCSURGE focuses on generating traffic and ultimately getting you more business. Our agency focuses on two main components, customer service and communication, and effective results. We make sure that each client feels a personal connection to our company, and gets nothing less than the best results available. Say hello to your ally in the business world!

  • Full SEO Campaigns
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Full Website Design
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Ads
  • Customer Acquisition


Today, 40,000 searches are issued per second. And according to BlueCorona 46% of these searches are done with local intent. This kind of information demonstrates just how powerful Google searches have become. Rather than spending money on billboards, or subway ads, start thinking about how Search Engine Optimization, or SEO can help in your marketing campaign. 

So what does JCSURGE do? We pride ourselves in our ability to rank websites for specific keywords, and provide effective result yielding campaigns to our clients. We offer everything from SEO Blogs, to On-Page & Off-Page Optimization. If you’re looking for a professional SEO Agency to promote your local business, get you more traffic, and more business then you’ve come to the right place. 

what is customer acquisition?

Your business needs customers to survive, but often times finding these customers is a challenge, especially if you’re a small business. This is where customer acquisition comes in, which is the art of acquiring customers / clients for your business. Now who doesn’t want more customers? We are well aware of the difficulty of getting customers, but that’s where our marketing solutions come to play. Whether you need higher ranking on Google for your local business, an efficient way to manage your social media accounts, or need a website upgrade, we are one call away from solving all your marketing needs!

Our Marketing Services

SEO Campaigns

We offer some of the best SEO services on the market. Using the latest practices and techniques we understand the complexity of Google's algorithm. Whether you need On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, or an entire SEO campaign to generate traffic, we have you covered!

Website Design

Every business needs a website, it's 2019. But most likely you don't have time to know the ins' and out's of today's web design practices. Even web apps like SquareSpace, and WordPress can be tricky for some. That's where our professional web design services come in!

Social Media

Having a presence on Social Media is crucial for a businesses success. Sure you can stay off the grid and survive, but if you want to thrive and create effective brand awareness, social media advertising is the way to go. Let us do the heavy lifting while you watch your brand grow.

Customer Acquisition

Maybe you have a website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for your brand but just don't know how to market yourself. That's where we come in! We will work with you to create a buyer persona, do our homework, and layout an effective marketing strategy to grow your business.

SEO Copywriting

Is your content generating more customers? Is your content ranking on Google? If not it's probably because your content is thin, or irrelevant... In other words, boring. Our agency provides quality content, keyword relevancy and persuasive wording to generate more business.

SEO Blogs

Creating content is key to staying ahead in the SEO game. But how do you promote useful content that users want to read? If you have the idea, we'll write and promote it. If you don't have an idea, then we'll work together and create an optimized blog campaign to promote your brand.

The DIGITAL Marketing Process

digital marketing process


The marketing process begins with our first consultation. This is where we will get to know you and your business on a deep and personal level. This is when we will work together to create a buyer persona, which is essentially the ideal person you would want to have as a costumer / client. From this information we can narrow down the market to focus on, and create a strategy plan to get these ideal customers to find your business. 


The second step is to begin our research and come up with a road map for your marketing campaign. We will assess your current internet presence, determine where the bulk of work needs to be done. If it’s SEO we will research target keywords, and come up with an effective implementation strategy. If it’s Social Media we will perform demographic research and issue an effective brand awareness campaign. Any marketing related issues, our agency can solve. This is what makes us truly a reliable marketing agency.


After we’ve completed our research and built up a marketing plan for your company, we’ll begin to execute the roadmap. Whether it’s a website revamp, SEO campaign, Social Media Advertisement campaign, or marketing strategy plan, we’ll make sure to execute quickly, and efficiently. Rest assured that all the hard-work pays off here as you begin to see your traffic increase tenfold. Stop spending money on crappy agencies, and get real results.

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GORDIABIT LLC DBA JCSURGE is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan specializing in acquiring customers for small businesses. 

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