Our Story

2018 - The Start

JCSURGE started as a digital marketing business in New York City in September of 2018 by Joshua Conrad-Tanakh. Josh began by working with a music company, Expressway DJ, to rank its website on Google and implement a more effective website design. After initial success, Josh started working with small companies across the city doing freelance marketing work with a focus on search engine optimization and website design. 

2020 The Pandemic

The pandemic not only wrecked havoc on the lives of millions directly, but also indirectly to the world of commerce. During this time JCSURGE actively helped transform small businesses across the United States by creating and implementing larger digital marketing campaigns that upgraded their, often times outdated, marketing strategies and drastically increased customer ROI. Most notably, the construction and professional service industries reaped the most rewards by ranking higher on Google.

2022 - Rebranding and The Recession

After many frustrating hours, the problem became obvious… we’re in a recession and customers don’t want to buy. Money is tight, and executives are nervous. JCSURGE is pivoting away from direct selling and embraced building trust with its audience by expanding on its commitment to educating the public on digital marketing, and taking a “no B.S” approach. JCSURGE has adopted the “direct” approach to marketing.

“We are becoming obsessed with cutting the nonsense out of marketing, being honest, creative, bold, and establishing trust with our audience every step of the way. Why? Because America needs strong faces, and marketing is the face of every company.” 

– Joshua Conrad-Tanakh.


Active Listening

We actively-listen to customer questions and concerns to ensure they feel understood. We have a proud reputation of satisfaction through actively listening, and effective implementation of online marketing strategies. Nobody likes to be ignored, especially when your brands integrity and profits are on the line.

Our Commitment to Trust

At JCSURGE, we’re obsessed with building trust with our audience. What makes us different from other marketing firms is our commitment to complimentary solutions such as free marketing analysis service, and privacy-respected sales. Too often marketing companies require tons of information from prospects, only to bombard them with spam and aggressive sales techniques until they get a “yes.” Our approach is different. We welcome “no” and respect our audience’s privacy.  

joshua headshot

Joshua Conrad-Tanakh

Founder & President

My passion is in helping small businesses understand and implement effective digital growth strategies. In my free time you’ll find me at a park on a run, studying languages, or reading a book. 

katarina headshot

Katarina Young

Project Manager

JCSURGE is a company that I feel proud to work at. I work with clients and my team to implement design and marketing strategies. In my free time I love to hike, paint, and spend time with my dog, Oso. 







Phase 1 - Discovery

Discovery involves gathering information about your business, identify critical pain points, and taking an inventory of what strategies are working well and where there’s room for improvement. This phase typically lasts one week in total. 

Don’t worry, we do our homework. If your company is established and has an existing site, we can find most of the initial information we need.  Otherwise, all we really need is a brief summary of your company’s services and target audience. 

Don’t give us a fancy corporate prospectus, we just need 3-5 sentences summarizing your business to get you started. 

Our team will make you a personalized video summarizing our findings. 

The video is courtesy way of showing you on your screen exactly what we plan on doing, and how we plan on doing it. Watch it as many times as you want and share it with whoever needs to see it.

In other words, the video is our “pitch” and you don’t feel pressured to say immediately “yes” or “no”, that’s our way of building trust.  

Video length: 5-10 minutes

Once you receive the video it’s time to hop on a call. During this call we’ll review the information we’ve gathered, advise you on recommended services, and discuss pricing estimates. 

We may recommend a full-service digital marketing campaign, or two-three consultations. These recommendations are based on what we hear your primary concerns and goals are for your business. 

If something doesn’t sound right, speak up! Let us know how we can best serve you long-term.

Phase 2 - Planning and Design

Next, we’ll come up with a vision for what needs to be done in order to maximize your marketing strategy. Proposals, payments, vision boards, and getting login details are part of this phase. This typically takes 1-2 weeks. 

A proposal will be sent to you with everything you’ll need to get started. 

This includes:

  1. Scope of work
  2. Timeline and priorities
  3. Price 
  4. Terms of service
  5. Signatures and authentication

Once we receive the payment, you’ll be sent a confirmation email or courtesy call within one business day. 

In the same email or an in a separate email you will receive instructions of what we need to begin.

Some items include: 

  1. Photos and videos about your business.
  2. Website and social media logins.
  3. Credentials, affiliations, publications, etc.

Whether it’s SEO, website design, or general consulting, we’ll thoroughly research your competitors, and devise an expert strategy to bring your business to the top of Google and outperform the other businesses in your area. 

You can feel confident knowing that a team of experts is using the latest marketing trends and tools to come up with a master plan for your company’s long-term success. 

Where does your company go in five years? What size does it become? What’s the reason you’re in business and how do we measure that?

This can be the trickiest part of the whole campaign so don’t worry if you feel stuck. Our consultants will help you come up with a vision for your brand and implement that vision into your website, and other digital platforms. 

We’ll come up with key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze your company’s growth throughout our campaign. 

Phase 3 - Implementation

Now comes the best part… implementing your campaign. We’ll swiftly take your vision and newly found strategy and implement it throughout your digital platforms. We’ll revamp your website, maximize valuable keywords, and setup reliable tracking software to measure your performance. 

Our team will install tracking software such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs API, and Google Search Console to get reliable data on where your customers are coming from, how they’re finding you, and how we can best capture their attention. 

We’ll share access to these numbers with anyone else on your team or any third-party. 

Here’s where we’ll revamp your website and social media profiles depending on the scope of work. 

Keyword optimization, design enhancements, new articles, etc., are all components of the implementation phase. 

If SEO is determined to be necessary for your company, then we’ll reach out to other sites to build backlinks that point right back to your company. A backlink is a fancy way to say “Website A” points to your company’s site. 

Phase 4 - Feedback and Customer Review

You’ll be asked to give us a rating on how we’re doing, what we can improve on and to provide your feedback. We encourage you to speak up and let us know how we can best serve you and your company’s needs. We’ll also give you detailed insight and advice to further develop your brand. 

Detailed reports will be sent straight to your inbox. 

These reports will include who’s finding your website, where they’re coming from, any positive or negative trends, and have our expert feedback clearly listed. 

Graphs, charts, and other visuals are made to make the digestion of our reports easier. 

What are we doing well? What can we do to improve?

How can we improve?

Would you be able to leave us a review so that other businesses can see the work we’re doing?

How’s your business doing? What problems are you and your team still facing?

Once in a while we’ll reach out to see how your company is doing and what we can do to resolve these challenges. 

Phase 5 - Repeat and Adjust

Finally, it’s time to evaluate if repeating our work is necessary. You may find your company is satisfied with the new website, logo, and branding strategy and decide to put a hold on further marketing activity. Or, you may decide to pursue your company’s growth and retain our firm for a longer period of time. 

Daniel Barrios
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I have tried many many companies to help boost our sales through the internet. I am actually sort of ashamed to let anyone know how much money I have spent on soooo many broken promises over the past years. Well, J C Surge is the place to get something done. Since they have taken over our wesite and SEO, we have been happy to report increased exposure, responses, and sales every month for the last nine months. For the first time ever, our return on investment is actually returning something. Thanks Josh, you are the best!
Coach Shari LLC
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Being a small business owner, it is critical to be careful with each dollar you invest. It is easy to find web developers who take your money, then fight you every step of the way and don't produce. It is difficult to find a web developer who also understands marketing!!! I am very fortunate to have found Josh at JCSURGE! He is smart, creative and most importantly, he does what he says he is going to do! He will give you a deadline for every project and exceed your expectations. He cares about his customer and his work in a way that appears to be unique. I would highly recommend an investment with Josh!
Tommy Curran
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Josh at JC Surge has been a pleasure to work with. JC Surge has increased our business , Ranked us high on Google.. He is always in contact, easy to get ahold of.. Excellent communication skills , He is sharp and follows up on all calls .. Excellent company . Need a reference ask Josh for my phone number.
Deborah Dunn
Deborah Dunn
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Working with Joshua made what would normally be a stressful project for me into one where I felt heard and taken care of, with lovely results. His communication by email and phone was patient, prompt and clear. I'm very happy with the website he created for me as well as the ongoing social media marketing for my business. If you're looking to promote your business and services, I highly recommend JCURGE as an expert in the Internet Marketing field.