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JCSurge x Our Story

Who we are

The Beginning

In September 2018, Joshua Conrad-Tanakh founded JCSurge, a digital marketing business in New York City. Initially, Josh worked with Expressway DJ, a music company, to improve its website design and boost its ranking on Google. Following the success of this project, Josh expanded his services and began freelancing with small business throughout the city. His primary focus was on search engine optimization and website design.


The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc – not only on the lives of millions – but on the world of commerce as well. During this time, JCSurge played an active role in transforming small businesses across the United States. We created and implemented larger digital marketing campaigns to upgrade their often-outdated marketing strategies and increase their customer return on investment (ROI) significantly. Our efforts were particularly noteworthy in the construction and professional service industries, which achieved higher Google rankings and reaped the most reward.


Rebranding and The Recession

Upon careful examination, it became apparent that the root cause of our drop in clientele was the recession. Customers were hesitant to make purchases due to financial constraints, and executives were apprehensive. In response to this new market, JCSurge made the decision to pivot away from direct selling and instead focus on building trust with our audience. We achieved this by expanding our commitment to educating the public on digital marketing, taking a straightforward, no-nonsense approach. JCSurge has adopted and embraced the “direct” approach to marketing.


Our values

Active Listening

We actively listen to your questions, concerns, and needs – because we want you to feel understood! We are proud of our reputation for customer satisfaction. Through active listening we get to know you and your goals and effectively implement our online marketing strategies to best serve your business needs. Nobody likes to be ignored, especially when your brand’s integrity and profits are on the line.

Our Commitment to Trust

At JCSurge, we are dedicated to building trust with our audience. What makes us unique is our commitment to providing high quality services – including complimentary solutions, such as free marketing analysis and privacy-respected sales. Other marketing companies require extensive information from prospects and bombard them with spam and aggressive sales techniques until they get a “yes”. Our approach is different. We respect a “no” and honor our audience’s privacy.

JCSurge engine

What our clients say

I have tried many many companies to help boost our sales through the internet. I am actually sort of ashamed to let anyone know how much money I have spent on soooo many broken promises over the past years. Well, J C Surge is the place to get something done. Since they have taken over our wesite and SEO, we have been happy to report increased exposure, responses, and sales every month for the last nine months. For the first time ever, our return on investment is actually returning something. Thanks Josh, you are the best!

Daniel Barrios

Being a small business owner, it is critical to be careful with each dollar you invest. It is easy to find web developers who take your money, then fight you every step of the way and don't produce. It is difficult to find a web developer who also understands marketing!!! I am very fortunate to have found Josh at JCSURGE! He is smart, creative and most importantly, he does what he says he is going to do! He will give you a deadline for every project and exceed your expectations. He cares about his customer and his work in a way that appears to be unique. I would highly recommend an investment with Josh!

Coach Shari LLC

Josh at JC Surge has been a pleasure to work with. JC Surge has increased our business , Ranked us high on Google.. He is always in contact, easy to get ahold of.. Excellent communication skills , He is sharp and follows up on all calls .. Excellent company . Need a reference ask Josh for my phone number.

Tommy Curran

Working with Joshua made what would normally be a stressful project for me into one where I felt heard and taken care of, with lovely results. His communication by email and phone was patient, prompt and clear. I'm very happy with the website he created for me as well as the ongoing social media marketing for my business. If you're looking to promote your business and services, I highly recommend JCURGE as an expert in the Internet Marketing field.

Deborah Dunn

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