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A New York City Based Digital Marketing Agency

JCSURGE LLC is an SEO agency that works with local contracting businesses to increase online visibility through search engine optimization. The objective of JCSURGE is to provide both creative and data-driven internet marketing services, with a mission of empowering and educating business owners on the online marketing landscape. 


We are currently based in New York with a secondary presence in New Hampshire as of 2020. 


Founder and Director Joshua Conrad-Tanakh has been in the digital marketing industry for two years. He began his career working on basic websites for local businesses, starting with his barber’s website. Now he works with local businesses such as HVACS, roofers, electricians, etc. to grow their traffic… 


Our site is currently being updated as of August 2020 so please forgive us for the thin content!

Empowering Local Business Owners

A big problem in the internet marketing world is the vast options, services and requirements necessary to achieve visibility. To add to the confusion, many agencies don’t explain or teach their clients what is actually going on. While most senior managers are busy in their day-to-day operations, it doesn’t help when they feel like they are gambling on a service in hopes of achieving superior visibility. The difference between our agency and other agencies is our dedication to empowering senior managers of local businesses to feel like they can control their online marketing. Everything from local SEO to Web Design, we strive to ensure that our clients not only witness the quality of our work, but actually understand what’s going on and can see why our process works.