6 Powerful Ways Business Owners Can Help Their SEO Team

6 Powerful Ways Business Owners Can Help Their SEO Team

So you’re looking to hire an SEO team, or already have, and you’re wondering “What can I do to ensure the SEO people I hire maximize my ROI?” Well, it’s not an uncommon question we hear come up at JCSURGE. We’re fortunate to have a client base that is engaged with the work we provide […]

The First 7 Steps to an Explosive SEO Campaign

The First 7 Steps to an Explosive SEO Campaign

So you’re looking to redesign your website for your business, or you’re looking to finally start an SEO campaign for your newly completed website, but where do you start? What steps should you, the SEO company or consultant you hire, be taking to ensure your website has a healthy increase in search engine visibility? Let’s […]

How to Reclaim Control of Your Domain and Website From Your Provider

How to Reclaim Control of Your Domain & Website From Your Provider

So you’re looking to upgrade your website, hire an SEO company, or simply want to keep your property secured in your hands. Whatever the reason is, you likely came across an issue when reclaiming your domain name and website. But don’t worry, we’ll break down everything you need to know about how to get your […]

How Long Does Local SEO Take and When Should I Expect Results?

How Long Does Local Seo Take

Having worked with many local contractors across the United States, and although not every contractor is the same, there is one questions that unites them all “how long will it takes to see results with local SEO?” or “when will I see results with SEO?” And this is the answer that nobody wants to hear, […]

A Practical Guide to Performing SEO for Multiple Locations

location page seo guide

Many local contractors will serve a radius of 50-60 miles. Some will go farther if the money is right, and others will serve a smaller radius. Regardless, it’s important to appear in the organic search for these phrases in order to get those jobs. Location page examples United Plumbing & Drain – South Tampa PageManchester […]

How Do I Get My Excavation Company to the Top of Google?

how to rank an excavation business on google

According to Google Keyword Planner, the phrase “excavation company” is searched up to 10,000 times a month in the United States. Most of these people are homeowners or small-sized commercial property owners who need a professional excavation contractor to tear up some dirt, rock, and general debris. In this article we’re going to give you […]

A Definitive SEO Guide for Plumbing Companies

plumbing seo guide

With millions of searches occurring on Google, Bing and Yahoo everyday, it’s no wonder why people have been investing thousands of dollars to rank on the front page for their industry terms. In fact, the phrase “plumber near me”, in the United States, is searched 105,000 times a month! So how do you rank on […]

66 Keywords Electricians Should Use on Their Website


Choosing The Best Keywords When choosing the best keywords for your electrician SEO campaign, it’s important to consider the average monthly search and the difficulty of that keyphrase. The average searches per month for a particular phrase is known as “search volume” When Should You Use These Keywords? You should use these electrician related phrases […]

How to Properly Market Your HVAC Business Online

HVAC Marketing Strategies

2020 has changed the way we do business, but also the way we, as consumers, look for products and service. Everything is online, and the online marketing space has been put to the ultimate test. If you can tame this beast, you can ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling business. In this article […]

Should You Pay Per Lead For Your Business?


Pay Per Lead (PPL) has become a much more interesting way to do business for home service contractors in the recent decade. The pitch is very simple, pay us a fee or percentage of the total job and we’ll supply you with leads. You’re paying for results rather than a promise, at least in theory. […]