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The Best Keywords For Your Website

The average searches per month for a particular phrase is called the “search volume”.

It is one of the most important things to consider when deciding the best keywords for your bankruptcy lawyer SEO, together with the difficulty of that keyphrase.

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When Should You Use These Keywords?

These bankruptcy-related phrases are necessary when writing articles. It provides a more comprehensive insight into your website and a better understanding of what you do. You can include them in the following tags on your website:

  • H1
  • H2, H3, H4
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Paragraph tags
  • Alt-text

Remember to AVOID over-optimizing your website as Google will penalize your business listing and you will miss out on all the leads/service calls.

A Complete List of 67 Keywords

Below is our keywords list for bankruptcy lawyers that you can use throughout your website. The average monthly search and difficulty were taken from Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. The data is from July 13, 2022.

1bankruptcy attorney242,000Medium
7chapter 7 bankruptcy33,000Medium
8bankruptcy lawyer27,000Medium
9chapter 13 bankruptcy24,000Medium
11bankruptcy attorney near me17,000Medium
12chapter 11 bankruptcy14,000Medium
13chapter 1310,000Hard
14chapter 118,400Medium
15chapter 76,700Medium
16bankruptcy lawyer near me5,200Medium
18foreclosure lawyer4,000Easy
19filing bankruptcy3,500Medium
20filing for bankruptcy3,400Medium
21bankruptcy court2,100Medium
22chapter 122,000Medium
23bankruptcy attorneys near me2,000Medium
24file bankruptcy1,900Medium
25file bankruptcy chapter 71,900Medium
26chapter 151,600Medium
27chapter 7 lawyer1,600Medium
28chapter 91,500Medium
29bankruptcy discharge1,500Medium
30chapter 13 lawyer1,400Medium
31disclosure statement1,200Medium
32bankruptcy fraud1,200Easy
33debt settlement lawyer1,200Easy
34bankruptcy code1,100Medium
35personal bankruptcy900Hard
36automatic stay800Medium
37business bankruptcy700Medium
38proof of claim700Easy
39file bankruptcy chapter 13700Medium
40adversary proceeding600Easy
41bankruptcy records600Medium
42bankruptcy petition350Medium
43exempt property300Easy
44nondischargeable debt300Medium
45bankruptcy lawyer in my area300Medium
46bankruptcy trustees250Medium
47cheap bankruptcy lawyers250Medium
48best bankruptcy attorneys near me250Medium
49bankruptcy attorney in my area200Medium
50creditor harassment200Medium
51bankruptcy estate200Easy
52affordable bankruptcy attorneys near me200Medium
53voluntary bankruptcy150Easy
54dischargeable debt100Medium
55bankruptcy firm100Medium
56statement of financial affairs100Easy
57discharge in bankruptcy70Medium
58lawyers for bankruptcies near me60Medium
59discharge bankruptcy40Medium
60file bankruptcy chapter 1130Medium
61bankruptcy lawyer fees30Medium
62prebankruptcy planning20Easy
63motion to lift the automatic stay10Easy
64bankruptcy case10Easy
65bankruptcy administrator10Easy
66bankruptcy lawyer help10Easy
67small business case10Easy
We used Ahrefs to find the average volume and placed the phrase in the easy category if the difficulty was between 0 -20, medium between 20-30, and anything labeled hard was 30+. If it was found on Google Keyword Planner then the max volume was used.

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