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A Quick Introduction

When I first started out doing client SEO for local businesses I didn’t have much knowledge on how to even rank a website for different phrases. I was afraid that the companies I would work with wouldn’t receive many benefits from the service I was trying to sell. It wasn’t until I came across Ruan Marinho and Chase Reiner that I began to feel more confident in my ability to run a successful agency.

Chase Reiner is an SEO consultant who publishes consistent content on search engine optimization and online marketing on YouTube and on his blog. More recently he has started to create content on affiliate marketing and national SEO / rankings. After watching one of his videos I decided to follow his strategy in ranking nationally without any backlinks.

Project KOJII

So for those of you who don’t know, I run a second company/brand called “KOJII” or “KOJII Languages” and its primary focus is on creating high-quality content for lesser-known languages.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to get a lot of traffic to the site, more importantly, organic traffic that will convert into sales/commissions, but with the help of Chase Reiner, that goal is becoming more and more realistic by the day.

In April of 2020, I set out to start putting my SEO skills to the test, and with almost no money invested and a site with a domain rating of 0, I started to write. Here is the step-by-step process I used to start generating dozens of years within 60 days and how you can implement the same process.

A Quick Summary of His Strategy and Why it Works

So Chase’s strategy (according to his YouTube videos) revolves around content creation and internal linking. He talks a lot about “authority hacking” which, to be completely honest, seems more of an annoying marketing technique than anything, I mean, utilizing Facebook messenger every time you make a new post, so I left that out.

Exploiting Low Difficulty Keywords

What I really liked was going after low-difficulty keywords, and creating long blocks of content, then creating supporting or content relevant to the original blog and linking everything together like a spider web. So I went to ahrefs and looked for keywords with a difficulty of 0 and found one that I really liked “is Hebrew hard to learn”

Creating Content and Linking Them Together

After finding the right keyphrase, I began doing some basic competitor analysis. I was looking at who was ranking on the first page, their word count and image count, and skimming through each post to see if I could find anything unique. Because I chose a niche that few people build on, it wasn’t surprising to see that most results were from forums, and many were unrelated to the parent search phrase.

My strategy was to hit over 1,000 words for each blog I would write, include 1 to 2 images AT LEAST, and provide unique content that people may have talked about with other languages but NOT in regards to learning Hebrew. In the end, I would link it to the proceeding article to pass on the “link juice

Blogging Every Day for 2 Weeks Straight, Was it Worth it?

It was definitely worth it!

At first, I wanted to blog every day for a month, but I quickly learned that it was going to be extremely difficult, and admittedly I gave up on that. Although I did see some crazy results just 30 days into building the site.

Just 30 days after starting, I noticed my site was receiving around 8 new users a month and ranking for roughly 36 keywords. Now, this may not sound like a lot, but keep in mind this was a new site (only several months old) with NO content and no backlinks, although I did give myself one from when I quickly mentioned KOJII.

I was able to rank for various phrases such as “is hebrew hard to learn” “happy birthday in Yiddish” “nahuatl alphabet” and other phrases related to the languages I was talking about.

So WHY Does this Strategy Work?

I think it’s pretty obvious why the “create content and link it together” strategy works so well. Because rather than manipulate the search engine with sketchy backlinks, or over-optimize your content, you’re creating unique content that is thorough and provides REAL value to a user. This is one of the reasons why affiliate SEOs recommend starting with a niche you know well and enjoy.

I enjoy learning languages, Hebrew was one of the languages I studied, so it was a no-brainer to create content around that language. I had lots of insight into the language learning community, I knew where to ask questions when I got stuck, and I knew how to give users AND Google what they both wanted: unique, high-quality, informative content.

So, in the end, thank you, Chase Reiner for sharing your affiliate SEO / national ranking strategy.

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