A Practical Guide to Performing SEO for Multiple Locations

location page seo guide

Many local contractors will serve a radius of 50-60 miles. Some will go farther if the money is right, and others will serve a smaller radius. Regardless, it’s important to appear in the organic search for these phrases in order to get those jobs. Location page examples United Plumbing & Drain – South Tampa PageManchester […]

How Do I Get My Excavation Company to the Top of Google?

how to rank an excavation business on google

According to Google Keyword Planner, the phrase “excavation company” is searched up to 10,000 times a month in the United States. Most of these people are homeowners or small-sized commercial property owners who need a professional excavation contractor to tear up some dirt, rock, and general debris. In this article we’re going to give you […]

A Definitive SEO Guide for Plumbing Companies

plumbing seo guide

With millions of searches occurring on Google, Bing and Yahoo everyday, it’s no wonder why people have been investing thousands of dollars to rank on the front page for their industry terms. In fact, the phrase “plumber near me”, in the United States, is searched 105,000 times a month! So how do you rank on […]

Why SEO May Not Work For Your Contracting Business

So you’ve been hit with a cold email, cold call, interesting pitch at an event, or simply found the concept online. Agency directors promising millions of dollars in return for a simple fee of $1,000-$1,500/mo with no minimum and a hassle-free cancellation policy, results not guaranteed of course and obviously no refunds. And you think […]

What Makes a Good HVAC Website and Why?

Why Should You Work on Your HVAC Site? When it comes to getting more calls for your heating and cooling business online, your best asset will be your website. In fact, if you disregard your website you’re disregarding one of the most valuable assets of your entire business. A good website that is cared for […]

How Many Pages Should Your Website Have to Gain Traffic?

How Many Pages Should Your Website Have to Gain Traffic

Often times business owners will ask “how many pages should I have on my website” or more specifically, “how many pages do I need to have in order to get tons of traffic?” and the answer is one that everyone hates… it depends. However, this article will explain the ideal number of pages, what content […]

SEO Terminology Basics

SEO Terminology Basics for Local Business Owners

Before you can get started in Search Engine Optimization, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re planning on outsourcing the work, you need to familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the industry. Knowing what each phrase means will ensure you feel in control of your marketing strategy. That being said, let’s begin with SEO […]

Getting to Know a Business Owner: Zane Barry

Getting to Know a Business Owner Zane Barry – Graphic Designer I found Zane on a Craigslist ad as part of our campaign to help small business owners get their story online. His work is amazing, and his designs are truly stunning. As someone in the marketing field, his designs truly sell. What’s on his […]

7 Copywriting Tips for Advertising and Marketing

7 copywriting tips for advertising and marketing

7 Copywriting Tips for Advertising and Marketing Beginners Are Your Ads Selling? If you’re a marketing agent or work in the advertising industry you know the importance of copywriting, but many beginners and entry-level specialists struggle to write effective ad copy. As a digital marketer myself, one thing I always have to pay attention to […]

Running a Marketing Agency with ADHD

running a business with adhd

Why ADHD Has Helped With My Marketing Agency How I and YOU Can Cope With ADHD 1. What is ADHD? According to the American Psychological Association (APA), “ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a behavioral condition that makes focusing on everyday requests and routines challenging.” People who experience ADHD typically have a harder time staying focused, […]