SEO Keyword List + Video Analysis

Purchase a custom list of keywords, with an in-depth explanation of how to maximize your SEO efforts for $149.

Who is the Keyword List for?

This keyword list is great for local business owners who are the “DIY” type. Whether you’re an accountant, attorney, or landscaper, your local business should be targeted the right keywords to rank on the front page of Google. 

What's Included?

With the custom keyword list you will receive both a spreadsheet and printable PDF version that will cover up to 300 profitable keywords related to your local business.

Information that will be included are: 

  • Keywords/phrases
  • How many times the phrase is searched a month (volume)
  • How difficult the phrase is  (difficulty)
  • How much people are willing to spend on the keyword/phrase (CPC data)
  • Important notes  
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In addition, you will receive a customized video going over your website and how to best implement the keywords into your SEO strategy.

Keyword List Examples

We’ve already published dozens of free keyword lists! Take a look at the following examples. Please note that the free version is generic and not tailored to anyone’s business. 

  1. Keywords for Immigration Lawyers
  2. Keywords for Personal Injury Lawyers
  3. Keywords for Plumbers
  4. Keywords for HVAC Contractors
  5. Keywords for Accountants
  6. Keywords for Landscapers

Check out our keyword repository for more free examples.