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JCSURGE is a New York City based online marketing agency aimed at helping small businesses get more customers. Having helped local businesses throughout the Tri-State area we are proud of our ability to deliver real results. Whether through SEO Campaigns, Social Media Ads, Web Design, or consultations, our customer service and dedication to our work is unlike anything else. Every client project becomes personal, and we want to see your business rise to the top.

is your company on all business listings?

Every local business should be on as many listings are possible. Some of the most popular listings include: Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Waze, and Apple Maps. Having these citations will increase your overall web presence and help Google validate your website. 

local seo in albany

Running a business in New York, especially in its capital city, is no easy task. Being found is not easy either. If you’re one of the smarter business owners you probably understand the need to stand out. This is where SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, comes in. Our goal is to drive search engine traffic to your website so that you can tenfold your leads per month. 

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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms are an incredibly useful way to generate leads for your business–especially local businesses. Knowing that in Albany, it can be difficult to stand out is one major obstacle business owners face. Our agency will take the heavy lifting off your shoulders to create effective social media ads taking care of everything. From graphic design, to copywriting, all the way to audience engagement.