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SEO Copywriting

In order to rank on Google your website needs to have rich content. You’d be surprised how many websites are ranking for large keywords with thin, and spammy content. Take advantage of this, because websites that have relevant content rank much higher in Google’s algorithm. 

what is copywriting and how is it used for my site?

Basically, copywriting is persuasive writing to get someone to take action, usually to purchase a good or service. Anybody can write up content for their website, but it takes a lot more to write content that sells. Think of the last time you bought a product on Amazon from your recommendations. It was probably the image, then the headline, then a brief description of the product that got you to purchase the product. 

Now apply this to a website. You have your heading tags, subheading tags, then paragraph tag that structures your site’s content. When we write copy for our clients we want to persuade them to purchase the listed good or service.

what you can do right now

If you’re looking to improve your website’s content, we have an article explaining 7 things to create effective copy. These tips will help you generate more sales conversions, and ensure your brand lands more customers.

what jcsurge does

We have been helping small businesses throughout the tri-state area create content online to generate more traffic. Whether through social media ads, website design, or seo campaigns, we always include optimized content (images and copy) to create the perfect user experience (UX). 

With your company we take on the task of writing quality content whether through blogs, ad posts, or website content to land more conversions.


GORDIABIT LLC DBA JCSURGE is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan specializing in acquiring customers for small businesses. 

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