Google Maps Optimization Service

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Looking to dominate your niche in your local area? With Google Maps optimization you’ll be able to rank faster in the “Google 3 Pack” and generate a massive amount of phone calls. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Rank Your Business Higher With Google My Business

As of 2020, we are offering businesses with Google Maps / Google My Business optimization services that will bring a high volume of traffic for your local business. By providing users relevant, and helpful content on your GMB listing, your company will be able to rank much higher and receive valuable traffic.

google maps view of nyc

Why Google Maps SEO is so Important for Local Businesses

Google Maps has become more and more popular for local businesses. If you type any industry + your local area, chances are you’ll notice a Google My Business listing. 

What industries benefit best from Google Maps Optimization?

We work with a variety of industries such as contractors, law firms, and entertainment companies, to provide noticeable  results. From our experience, any business that relies heavily on phone calls will benefit greatly from Google Maps Optimization services. It’s also a bonus if your company is providing emergency service such as emergency heating or plumbing repair. Below are a few examples of industries that benefit greatly from Google Maps SEO.

What is Done During a Google Maps SEO Campaign?

Before beginning a campaign for Google Maps or Google My Business, you need to make sure you’re even listed. Type your business name into Google + your location to see if you appear. For instance if your company is “Bills Heating and Cooling” and you’re in Los Angeles, type “Bills Heating and Cooling Los Angeles” most likely if you’re registered with Google you’ll appear on the right hand side of the result. Look at the bottom image to get an idea of what it should look like.

verified listing appearing after name search

If you do not have a Google My Business listing or do not have access to it, our SEO specialists will work with you to ensure your business is listed and in your hands. Call us at (917) 74-4234 or email to learn more.

Getting You The Right Pages

Once we’ve setup and optimized your listing, we’ll work with you to create the proper pages on your site. Google My Business picks up signals from your site and will rank you based on  the content you produce and how relevant it is. This is why having an expert is critical, as there are so many pointers that executives miss when it comes to their online presence / search engine optimization. 

Schedule a consultations or request a complimentary audit of your current site!

If you’re looking to request a free audit feel free to send up to three of your top competitors, and we’ll take a look as to why they’re stealing your traffic.