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Manhattan is home to some of the largest and most competitive markets in the country, and arguable the world. That being said, being able to stand out in both organic search and organic maps is a must for local businesses. Your customers are searching for “HVACS in Manhattan”, “divorce attorney nyc”, or “cosmetic dentists in manhattan.”  So why are you letting your competition eat up all the traffic? 

Why Hire a Manhttan SEO / Online Marketing Agency?

You’re competing against thousands of local businesses in Manhattan. Knowing that SEO is crucial to helping you build a strong presence is different from actually BUILDING one. Our agency knows how competitive the New York City market is. We’ll do all the technical work, and collaborate with you, the business owner, to build a creative and engaging marketing campaign.

Why Not do SEO myself?

Would you perform dental surgery on yourself if you were an HVAC? Would you fix your own heating unit if you were a dentist? 

To be a little more down-to-earth, optimizing your website for search and marketing it for customers is most likely not something you have time for, or care to learn about. 

With Search Engine Optimization becoming more and more popular, especially among Manhattan based companies, business owners are attempting to do their own SEO and a lot of the time they don’t get the results they want. Sound familiar? OK… the dental surgery and fixing of your heating unit analogy is a bit of an exaggeration,  but the idea is not. 

Doing SEO yourself can certainly benefit your company, but it can also seriously harm your website if you mess up. For example, if you are constantly uploading thin content (content that provides no real value), your website can be penalized by Google in what is known as the “Panda Update” which can seriously damage your ranking. 

"I've Tried SEO, But it Doesn't Work for Me."

Unfortunately, many companies sell SEO well, and many are actually very skilled at it, but their client may not understand it well. This is a common trend among online marketing agencies, and is one of the reasons people get turned off when they hear “SEO agency.” The culprit isn’t the agency and their knowledge base, but the way they communicate SEO to their clients.

Search Engine Optimization sounds complicated, but all you are doing is optimizing a website for BOTH a user / potential buyer, AND a search engine. Notice how the user comes first. 

You see, SEO isn’t a one-size fits all type of deal. It is a supplement to your overall marketing strategy. Many people are sold on this idea that SEO will magically bring in hundreds of new customers per day. This simply isn’t realistic. A lot of statistics and data analysis are involved when calculating the value of SEO to a company. All this can get confusing, especially for non-SEO specialists. This is why we at JCSURGE pride ourselves in being able to educate and empower our clients to feel like they understand the basics of their SEO, and feel confident knowing we are taking good care of them.

Josh at JCSURGE has been a pleasure to work with. JCSURGE has increased our business, ranked us high on Google. He is always in contact, easy to get a hold of. Excellent communication skills, he is sharp and follows up on all calls. Excellent company. – Tommy C.

What else goes into SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is not only about placing keywords properly, and getting backlinks to your site, but also ensuring you are placed right in front of your target audience. Social Media Advertising is a huge contributor to an effective SEO campaign, as you can increase traffic quickly and efficiently. Click to learn more.

Interested in an SEO Audit / Explainer Video?

What is an SEO audit?

For anybody looking to hire an SEO agency, we highly recommend requesting an audit. Simply put, we’ll provide complimentary analysis of your website and its traffic, show you what your competitors are doing, and offer possible solutions to increase your online visibility. 

Looking to Dominate Your Local Area in the Maps Section?

If you’re looking to increase your call volume drastically, contact  our team at JCSURGE for Google Maps Optimization services. We work with local business owners to rank them higher in the Google Three-Pack so they can generate more phone calls. This is great for emergency service businesses such as roofers, HVACS, plumbers, lawyers, etc.