what is off-page optimization?

Unlike On-Page Optimization, Off-Page SEO focuses on stuff outside of the website. This includes Google Search Console, Google Analytics, GoogleAdwords, business listings, etc. 

Another important part of our off-page seo services is backlink building. What is backlink building? Essentially we want to get your website placed on as many blogs, media posts, and business listings as possible. We will personally reach out to various businesses to get your link placed on other sites. 

Having an off-page campaign will greatly increase your website’s traffic by granting more exposure on the web. Although the seo process takes a lot of time and requires great patience, the return on investment (ROI) is almost always worth it. 

Social Media

Google loves sites that are active on Social Media.  Getting social signal points from Google will increase your overall SEO success. Whether your target audience is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. we want to make sure your business is active and getting as many social signals as possible. 

Google PayPerClick (PPC)

Your business might need results delivered in less than 4-6 months. This is why Google Adwords is great for delivering quick results for your business. The point of PPC is to bid on keywords, and get quick results. If you want to bid on a competitor’s brand then every time someone types their name into Google, your ad could show up and steal their business. 


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