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With millions of people using social media everyday, it’s no wonder why in order to survive today’s market you need to utilize social media to succeed. At JCSURGE we make sure to deliver real exposure to our client’s brand. Whether you’re a real-estate agency, law-firm, music studio, or any local business, we know how to get you real results. 

Social media management

Your accounts can be a pain to manage. Especially if you’re busy doing other things, like making money? That’s why we offer full-service social media management with our advertising services to take the pain of always being online off you’re hands. We manage your account like no other agency, with professional audience engagement. Because let’s face it you care about your followers, but don’t always have time to reply to messages right? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know what’s important such as leads and prospects, while you continue making your money. 

data driven social media ads

If your ads aren’t getting you the results and business you want, it’s probably because they’re like all the other garbage ads other agencies sell. We make sure that all of our ads are captioned with effective copywriting techniques, have eye-catching graphics, and are found by your target audience. Whether it’s through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms we make sure to use proper ad funnels to generate real results.  

What Even Are Ad Funnels?

An ad funnel is essentially a system used by marketers to generate leads for businesses. So how do we start? There are the layers in the funnel process: Brand awareness, brand interest, and a call to action. Let’s break down each process.

1) Brand Awareness: This is where we post a few ads that will scream your brand, and what you’re about. If you’re a real-estate agency in New York City, we might post an infograph with statistics about new home buyers to generate awareness. NEVER try and sell a service or product during this stage.

2) Brand interest: Here we will work to catch the user’s interest. Again, if you’re a real-estate agency, a video showing off the top neighborhoods in Manhattan may catch the user’s eye. Here we might say “Enter your email for a list of the top 30 restaurants in the area.” 

3) Call to Action: Now that we have the user’s interest it’s time to get them to take action. At this point we might say, “Enter your name and email to get FREE consultation with an agent!” 

This is ad funneling in a nutshell. A lot to think about isn’t it? That’s why we do the hard work, while you get the leads!

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