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1. Terms

By accessing, viewing, and or engaging with (referred to as ‘the website’) in any way you agree to be bound by our website Terms and Conditions of Use which are listed below.

1.2 Who We Are

Our company, JCSURGE LLC/JCSURGE, is located in New York City and engages in both local and national online marketing primarily in search engine optimization (SEO) and website design.

1.3 Child Sites

The same applies to our ‘child’ websites, or websites created explicitly by and for the benefit of Our child sites as of August 11, 2021, are as follows:


2. Client Relationship

A ‘client’ is anyone or organization, that is benefiting from a particular JCSURGE service that does not include public blogs, videos, and other mediums. A client may be a business owner who hires JCSURGE to provide a customized report for his or her business or someone who has JCSURGE revamp a website on their behalf.

3. Use of Data

JCSURGE LLC reserves the right to keep and store all data collected from the website which includes, but is not limited to: emails, phone numbers, addresses, websites, and other material gathered by our contact form submissions, and other input fields.

3.1 Data Security for Clients

All active clients of JCSURGE will have all login details (usernames, passwords, etc.) encrypted on any live file. Clients reserve the right to access these files for verification of security.