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In order for your brand’s online presence to be effective your website design should be done right. A good web design benefits your business and your audience by providing them with a good user experience and answering common questions and concerns. So how can you make a lasting impression on your prospects and prevent them from bouncing off your website? Ask the experts at JCSURGE!

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Our Unique Approach to Website Design

When it comes to website design and construction, our team at JCSURGE has a simple process that is easy to follow, and hassle free.

  1. Video Audit – We’ll send out a complimentary video audit going over your current website if you have one, and the website(s) of your competition. You will get insight as to what their traffic is like and how we can out-do them.
  2.  Consultation & Proposal – Once you have an idea as to what your custom process is like, we’ll hop on a 15-20 minute phone call to discuss your goals, and target audience so we can get you the right outline you need.
  3. Research & Analysis – We’ll take an in-depth look at your competition and see who else in Manchester is ranking for what keywords. Your website will serve as the ultimate salesperson with the right SEO strategy.
  4. Framing & Design – Here we’ll begin constructing and designing your new website. You can send us feedback at any moment. 
  5. SEO & Post-Site Work – If you want to drive more people to your business through Google, we’ll be happy to provide you with further local SEO service to ensure your online visibility is maximized. 

What Are the Most Important Elements of a Website?

Here are the following essential elements that you can consider for a good web design:

Clean navigation

You want to have a website where users can access your information quickly and easily. Let your audience find the information that they want by providing them a navigation bar that can easily direct them to what they need.

Responsive design

Expect that your audience will access your site through different devices. So, your website should have the ability to adapt to any device. This will give value to your business as leads will keep engaging with your site and will be likely to turn into a sale.

Style and design guides

In order to have consistency with your brand,  you should have a style guide. A style guide is based on the appearance of your brand. Deciding for the color, format, typography and more ensures that your audience will have a lasting impression of your business.

Visuals and graphics

Visual elements help improve engagement to your website, but don’t go overboard with images. Avoid an overwhelmed and cluttered site. Too many images can distract your prospects.

Engaging web copy

When including information on your site, keep in mind to provide quality and engaging web copy. Your content is as important as your website’s overall design so make sure you provide your audience with valuable information that they need


One important key element is your call-to-action button if you want your audience to convert. Having a well-designed CTA will encourage your audience to take the next step such as downloading PDFs, filling out forms or giving your business a call.

Site Load Time

Make sure that your page loads quickly so that your audience can access the information fast. Having a slow-loading page will make your audience lose interest and select a competitor’s page instead.

Get Started With a New Website Design for Your Business in Manchester, NH

If you’re based in Manchester, NH or anywhere in Hillsborough , JCSURGE will provide you all that you need. Our company specializes in website design and development for local-contracting firms in the New Hampshire area. We will provide you with a responsive design, top-performing SEO practices based on your website’s needs. We’ll make sure that your website is monitored carefully so you can keep track of what works well and what needs improvement.